Do Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag From ‘The Hills’ Still Hate Each Other?

Do Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag From ‘The Hills’ Still Hate Each Other?

It’s been nearly ten years because the Hills finished, an MTV show that chronicled the life of a few women that are young they navigated l. A. Together. We surely got to get yourself a glimpse within their individual and expert everyday lives as much of those went from Laguna Beach, California, to city life that is big. And, needless to say, people had been captured because of the drama on the way.

Now, The Hills is slated for a reboot coming in 2019 — and possesses fans recalling one feud that is iconic seemingly ruined a friendship. While Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag had been near for numerous periods for the show, their relationship stumbled on a screeching halt by way of one rumor that is huge. Do they nevertheless hate one another? Here’s everything we collected.

First, Lauren never authorized of Heidi’s relationship with Spencer

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As soon as the Hills first started, we keep in mind just how Lauren that is tight and relationship ended up being. Broadly reminds us the two roomed together in western Hollywood and had been virtually inseparable. Unfortuitously, their relationship ended up being tested whenever Heidi began dating Spencer Pratt. Spencer and Lauren never ever got along, and Lauren never ever liked the notion of him dating her closest friend. She also went as far as to inform Heidi that she should not date him, but by the conclusion of Season 2, Heidi ended up being relocating with Spencer — and therefore ended up being the start of the Lauren-Heidi friendship.

Nowadays, we realize Heidi and Spencer are hitched and also have youngster together. And Spencer tossed shade that is major Lauren numerous times following the Hills completed shooting, demonstrating their feud is far from over.

A rumor spread that Lauren and her ex, Jason Wahler, produced intercourse tape

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We saw Heidi and Lauren’s relationship tested by the end of the 2nd season associated with Hills, but things actually blew up per week prior to the period 3 premiere. E! Information reports in 2007, tabloids reported that Lauren produced intercourse tape along with her ex from Laguna Beach, Jason Wahler. Lauren instantly denied the rumors on the internet site. “Jason and I also are both surprised and hurt that individuals would state such terrible aspects of us. We can’t think that someone would visit such great lengths to you will need to harm my reputation, ” she published.

Lauren then continued to state after the rumors circulated that she was shocked a close friend of hers — who we all believe is Heidi — didn’t call or text her. And when the summer season 3 premiere regarding the show aired, we saw the whole situation escalate dramatically. Lauren blamed the rumors on Heidi and Spencer and infamously shouted, “You understand what you did! ” at Heidi as they had been both at a club.

Spencer presumably admitted to distributing the lies

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Heidi seemed shocked that Lauren would accuse her of distributing rumors, however it seems that Lauren might not have already been too far down with her accusations. E! Information reports right straight straight back during 2009, Lauren led a panel in which the concern associated with intercourse tape rumor had been mentioned yet again. Lauren reaffirmed that Spencer distribute the lies, stating, “We have it on tape. Spencer takes duty and apologizes because of it. ”

Not just that, but E! Information describes Spencer admitted himself which he had been the only who leaked the information and knowledge in regards to the tape, which he has stated numerous times actually does occur. But he’s not afraid to guard himself, either. “She attempted to destroy us, ” he said. “If you intend to toss missiles, I’m tossing a nuke. This is one way we operate. ”

Lauren and Heidi nevertheless don’t talk

Are Lauren and Heidi past their feud? It appears very not likely they are. While Lauren did go to Spencer and Heidi’s wedding, they reportedly have actuallyn’t talked much since. As Heidi told Buzzfeed back 2016, “The final time we talked to Lauren had been many years ago. Like two or more. We style of were speaking only a little after which the two of us had been similar to, ‘We’re maybe not buddies. ’ It’s form of embarrassing. ”

Heidi will be ready to reconcile further with Lauren, but. She told People, “I’d be willing to maneuver ahead and put things behind us. We'd never ever be the way in which it will be enjoyable to maybe get up 1 day milf webcam and become mature and become like, ‘Hey which was crazy, If only the finest, ’ type-of-thing. That people had been once again, but” unfortuitously, Heidi does not ever think that will really take place. “But I don’t think she could be ever prepared for that, ” she added. Up to now, Lauren has made no remark.