The Managing Director of Pebble Development, comes from a strong Italian background. Before his work in real estate development Tony worked in the financial services sector, with a background in Financial Planning and Funds Management he became a member of the Financial Planning Association.Obtaining his Builders License 25 years ago and working in the industry for many years, Tony started his own building company in 2005. This enabled him to gain extensive industry building experience through project management and on site construction management and also built many strong and business relationships with leaders in the industry.Pebble Development consists of a passionate and committed team in which Tony manages and works in close collaboration with to deliver the best possible service and solutions. For clients, we believe that any relationship is dependent upon clear communication and therefore our work is a result of a collaborative process between clients, shareholders, user groups and consultants.

Barbara Ding, Founder and Director of Pebble Development, Board Director of Pebble International Group is originally from Beijing, China. Barbara made her transition to Australia just over 20 years ago after receiving a scholarship from Latrobe University for study film and media studies. Earning several accolades in her works as an author she has released the award winning novel Maidenhome (1993) and two award winning screen plays Gate to Paradise (1991) and Kiss Yesterday Goodbye (1992). The key to Barbara’s success in business has been her ability to forge strong relationships with people through her background in both the arts and business. It is not surprising that the most important thing she looks for in a partnership is a connection with people involved. By creating trusting and comfortable relationships with people, Pebble Development has continued to grow from strength to strength throughout the years.